Hi all
Just a quick note to say that we are home back in Tassie and settling into the house unpacking and getting back to the “norm”.
before we boarded the sprit of Tasmania we spent our last nights camping on the side of a creek not to far from Benalla Vic, and just relaxed
reminiscing about all the great places and people we have met along the way on our trip around Australia.
we stopped and had a wonder around Genrowan before getting to our camp spot, we had been there before and looked at the “Ned Kelly” attractions.

Ned Kelly Glenrowan

Ned Kelly Glenrowan

we found a peaceful spot on the side of the river just outside of Benalla about 10 klm out and set up camp for 3 days just relaxing and contemplating
the tasks ahead of us for when we got home.

Camp near Benalla

Camp near Benalla

So to end this chapter of our lives, both Robyn and Myself would like to thank all the wonderful people we have met along the way and to those that have followed our trip through this website and left all the encouraging posts, I hope and know we will see some of you again, take care, safe travels and keep on smiling.

until we meet again…………

GOODBYE from the “CONGO”S” 🙂 🙂 🙂




  1. Diane Sanders

    We loved Benalla thats where Patricia was born

  2. Margaret and John ( Bruthen )

    Hi Robyn and John we cant believe how quickly that year went. We have loved being on your trip from the very beginning. I have enjoyed your blog and amazing photos John. Do you still think pet photography may be a goer? Thank you for all that useful information about free camps also. All the best now you are home. We are sorry you did not get to Wollongong for that curry :)You need to do the Eastcoast next. Good to see your final shot still features glasses of red.

    Warm regards



    this years adventure over. sad sad sad. but im looking forward to having a good chinwag. how much longer before you get that phone on??? love you both

  4. Christine and Peter

    Hello John and Robyn

    I bet your sad to have your travels end but on the bright side you can start planning your next one.
    thank you so much for writing this blog we have enjoyed reading and following you around, also thanks for all the wonderful places we can too visit and camp, all the best guy’s
    Christine and Peter xxx 🙂

  5. hello
    I have been watching this site for a year now and loved your photo’s and the places you have been too.
    I have been going to some of them myself, thanks for all the good times robyn and john

  6. hi it has been a great blog we will be leaving on our big lap in a few weeks and will defiantly be using this as a reference to the places we want to see, thanks for the efforts and sharing your adventure with us god bless to you both

  7. Hi Margaret and John,
    Sorry we/you missed out on the curry 🙂
    Where did the year go? We had such a wonderful time not sure what to do now, I would love john to do pet photography, and once we are settled who knows what he will do 🙂
    Yes will definitely do the east coast next trip and pop in for a glass of red lol……
    Take care to you both and if you guys are ever in Tassie, pop in we would love to have you both and ill get John to make that curry xxx

  8. mum and dad, yes it is sad, will have a good chin wag as soon as Telstra get organised xxxxx

  9. Thanks Christine and Peter for following, we are looking at desert trips next year, so yes on the bright side there is always more to see and do.
    Safe travels to you both and you never know when we might bump into each other again xx:)

  10. Hi Karla, thanks for following and we hope you are enjoying the great outdoors of oz as much as we did, keep on exploring xxx

  11. Wow Ken, bet you guys are excited, I know we were ecstatic to be travelling……
    Enjoy your travels and we hope some of our posts help along the way 🙂

  12. Rita Henry

    Hi Robyn and John – hope you are settling in okay and not feeling too restless. It was great to meet you both, and we’ve loved all the photos and the commentary. We’ve just had 2 weeks home in Hobart, and are now ready to keep meandering in the van for a few more months. At the moment we intend to return to Tassie towards the end of January, though of course you never know what might happen. Will give you a call when we are passing through Devonport – if you are still there, would be great to catch up again. All the very best from Bill and Rita

    • Hi Rita and Bill
      we are glad to hear your still having a good look at this amazing country and please give us a call if your in the area, it was great to have met you both and seems that we were following you around only a couple of weeks behind until we caught up with you in brome safe travels to you both.

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