Busselton (1st March)



Just a quick update, we have just left Busselton and what a beautiful town it is, some say its too trendy or set up for the tourist but I found that it has its own identity as a place we could easily live, the town is neat and tidy with great beaches very dog friendly ( we find this lacking in many places) the shopping district is well layed out, lots of walking/biking tracks and the climate is just right most the year round.


Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty

We were also lucky enough to have met Ida and John from Albany, they were on there way back from picking up there new caravan from Perth so we all chose to meet at the kookaburra caravan park.
We had a nice meal and a few wines and before they left the next morning we had a walk along the jetty it was approx 4 klm there and back so called for a more ice-cream’s when we got back to shore.

John and Ida from Albany, end of the Busselton Jetty.

John and Ida from Albany, end of the Busselton Jetty.

It was a great stay in Busselton and exploring the nearby towns of Dunsborough and Yallingup, our next stop is Perth and surrounding areas.

Busselton front beach and Jetty

Busselton front beach and Jetty


  1. mumanddad

    its just as well you are recording all this or i wouldnt know where to go when i get to do my next OE. haha love it ands you both.

  2. June Bellchambers

    Looks clear and bright so must a beautiful day, did you go underwater.

    • robyn

      Hi june,
      Yes we had three beautiful days there, but decided to give the underwater bit a miss!
      Would of stayed longer but being a long weekend they were all booked out:(

  3. Amanda cooney

    Wow and more wow that jetty is amazing looks like you just keep walking and walking into another world just spectacular . Looks like another beautiful spot and pleased its dog friendly for jockie . Safe travelling and keep those wheels rolling look forward to the next blog luv the Cooney’s xxxx

    • John

      Hi again Mandy, yes the Busselton Jetty is amazing and long the longest in southern hemisphere, Busselton is a great place we will definitely be going back again some day thanks for your post luv the Congo’s xx

  4. linda

    Hi guys
    wow that jetty is looong,
    the water looks very inviting,
    so pleased that your finding all these small towns, they all look beautiful.
    and as always John your photos what can I say but WOW !!

  5. John

    Hello Linda
    Yep thats a long Jetty alright it was a nice walk out there too, no hills to climb and sea breeze all the way, thanks for your post Linda take care luv John and Robyn xxx

  6. Lin & Bob (Minglinup)

    Hi to the “White” Ranga. Hope your travels are still going well and look forward to plenty more photos’. Not sure where you are at the moment but I’m sure you are checking out all the sites, and probably seeing more of the state than most. Keep the wheels turning and stay safe.
    Love from the “Black” Ranga (Lin & Bob)

    • robyn congerton

      Hi Black Ranga,
      we are still trudging along, have had a bit of a set back as John has been unwell for a few weeks and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
      We are sorry we didn’t catch up with you on the way through as we are now in jurien bay.
      hope to see the Black Ranga on the road somewhere.
      Love from the Big White Ranga haha 🙂 xxx

  7. Rip and Mary

    Hi John, Robyn & Jock,
    Great photos of the Busselton Jetty John, knew you would love that place. Sorry you haven’t been well, My remedy: a few good “Reds” will ease the pain!!(Bottles that is ha ha) Stay safe and keep enjoying this part of Oz.
    Cheers, Rip and Mary xx

    • Thanks for posting Guy’s and i have tried your remedy and it definitely works hahaha and yes we loved Busselton we felt very much at home there i dont know why Bobby didnt think much of it.
      take care John and Robyn

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