Wallaroo (11th Dec)

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Hello again
we have had quite an eventful couple of weeks leaving Yorketown, we traveled up to a free camp on the beach near port victoria, a very nice spot to put our feet up and and enjoy the beach and great sunsets, we took the zodiac out for spin chasing some salmon but no luck.
we saw lots of dolphins, big ray’s and even a couple of brown snakes that thought they would take a short cut through the camp (Robyn didnt like them but they moved on quick enough)

Camp at Port Victoria

Camp at Port Victoria

we met a nice couple from Harvey bay Colin and Sue there who gave us some good tips on where to set up camp on the Eyre Peninsula and how to catch some fish.

Wauraltee Camp ground

Wauraltee Camp ground

Like i said above some great sunsets.

Wauraltee Beach

Wauraltee Beach

we stayed there at wauraltee for 3 day’s and then moved on to Wallaroo north beach caravan park, so as i could get the new extractors fitted in near by Kadina ( i orded them when in Yorketown) so while waiting for them to be fitted we spent a few hours walking around Kadina and Robyn did some shopping for new skirts, the town has alot of history being part of the copper triangle Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo, lots of old buildings and historic remains of the copper mines that were in full production, mostly european workers from the UK, they even call Kadina little Cornwall from England (great cornish pasties too)

One of many churches in Kadina

One of many churches in Kadina

from exploring Kadina and 3 pasties later ๐Ÿ™‚ we picked up the Pajero and headed to Moonta to look at some of the mine buildings.

Moonta copper mines

Moonta copper mines

Moonta mines

Moonta mines

Moonta mines

Moonta mines

After walking many Klm’s around moonta and Kadina time to head back to Wallaroo, as we were driving into the caravan park there was a nasty storm brewing.

storm coming into Wallaroo

storm coming into Wallaroo

The storm had it all high winds with lots of hail (no damage to the van or car) and lightning that lit up the sky, we battened the hatches and then helped our neighbours from Goolwa Ben and Julie bring in there annex and secure the pop top.

the next day we went for a walk around Wallaroo not much to see has a nice beach (north beach) and the Jetty brought back a few memories from my time spent here when i was a teenager, so after a good feed of fish and chip at the wharf we packed up for a early start the next morning.
We hooked up the Van and started our trip to the Eyre Peninsula, so we thought, we got just down the road and the exhaust was making a loud noise (leaking bad) so back to Kadina with van in tow long story short we had to wait 2 hours in the car park for the exhaust to fixed again, and it was, so on our way again, we had a good drive with perfect weather through Port Pirie and port Augusta we were heading to a camp ground just north of Whyalla Point Lowly well we almost got there and a loud rattle started and then a “clunk”.
So pulled up across the road of Santos gas refinery and called the RAA they aranged a tow for the Caravan and Pajero to Whyalla the next day, so we camped in the Santos car park that night big thanks to Santos security they came over and took us to there mess rooms offered coffee, showers and food and a full list of repairers in Whyalla.

Pajero going to Mechanic's

Pajero going to Mechanic’s

Well not good new’s they pulled of the rocker covers and the problem was down deep in the block, Pajero needs Recon Motor ๐Ÿ™ so we have decided to sell the Pajero where it was $2,000 took all the electric’s off spotlights, trailer wiring and all the brake controller and all the work i did before leaving Devonport, and walked. Raa have paid for a weeks rent and a hire car so thats helped and our good friend next door who have helped with moving our caravan and driving us around town, in fact everyone has been really helpful to our needs.

David , Donna and there dog Oscar

David , Donna and there dog Oscar

we have had had a good time with David and Donna with a great rock and roll night and a few drinks, we hope to meet up with them in Darwin.

so to cap this Looooong post we have ordered a new 4×4 from Adelaide it will be ready for delivery next week so were excited.


  1. Big thanks to Donna and David for helping us out with our van and our sanity:-P

  2. Diane Sanders

    thats a bugger for you guys, hope you don’t have any ore problems. xoxox

  3. A bit of bad luck there guy’s, most important is that your all ok at least with new car no more problems, take care and Have a Merry XMAS!!

  4. Thanks Gary you and family have a great Christmas.

  5. Sue Gee

    So sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble with the car. Better times ahead for you both. I love following your travels. Merry Christmas. Sue and Colin from Hervey Bay.

    • Thank you for your post Sue, Merry Christmas to you Colin and family, hope your both enjoying the rest of your trip, a small set back with the car we just smile and get on with it, were loving the holiday and cant wait to get back on the road.

  6. Margaret

    Hi Robyn and John lucky that new car was in the budget. You are on quite an adventure. I will tell John about your experiences to prepare him for the frustrations of travelling. Thank goodness for your sunny personalities.

  7. Hi Margaret, John yes thank goodness we did budget for the loss of car, i will miss the Pajero but looking forward to the new Christmas Presant, will show the new car in next post, hope you John and family have a great christmas and safe travel’s in the new year hope we will catch up for that “curry” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Robyn and John, sorry to hear about your car troubles, I guess you just never know when the tow tug is going to give up, looks like you have brushed it off and ready to go again, good on you’s.
    we are leaving to start our caravan journey this week, sooooo excited heading east and going round Aus anti clockwise so should bump into you along the way travel safe guy’s.

  9. Hi Robyn, John and Jock
    Love the sunset pics. Love all the photos and love
    the journey your taking me on.
    Can’t wait to see new car,
    love and kisses

    • Hello Linda
      Im glad you like the pic’s and its been a great trip so far, were having so much fun taking walks and seeing new places, meeting new friends and thank you for your support and help Linda, stay well and have a great Christmas, new year xxx.
      PS Jock missing Missy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Margaret

    John is desperate to know your choice of replacement. He’d love a Jeep! but he’ll have to make do with the Ssanng Yong til it carks it.

    • Hi Margaret
      we have decided on a new XLS PX 3.2 Ford Ranger dual cab, it has a great review for towing with heaps of power and Torque with all the extras, we will be picking it up this Friday, waiting for tow bar fitted and some wiring for the caravan.
      so all i need to do it wire the prodigy 3 brake controller and were good to go. “yeah on the road again”

  11. Elizabeth Levy

    Hi, We are thinking of you both with John being busy doing the work to get ready to leave. We had a good run to Ceduna, I forgot to take the cover off the spare tyre consequently we arrived without it. It was so hot on Thursday had to get the fan out, and then of course yesterday it was a complete reversal, strong wind and a cooler day. Put the heater on last night. I forgot to mention did you cancel your registration on your old car and collect your plates you may be able to get a refund.Today is going to be 25, we will get organized to leave tomorrow for Fowlers Bay. We have booked back into this park for the 11 Jan, depending on where you are we may be able to catch up. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year. May catch up. Bruce and Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth and Bruce, im glad you had a safe trip, and yes it was very hot for a few days there over 40 degrees for three days straight, glad you had the cool change come through, we have the Ranger and im just fitting the brake controller, we love the car it drives great, we will try to catch up some where when we get to Elliston and have a few drinks, it was very good of you and Bruce to spend the time to show us places you have been and we will have been also soon, so Merry Christmas to you both and safe travels.

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  13. Thanks Franziska were glad you like the blog, i always appreciate those that support this site, it makes it worth doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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