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Camping on the Murray River, well it was a journey getting here as we have discovered that Robyn’s map reading skills still have not developed, maybe after a couple of hundred thousand more klm’s she will get there. i did say on the home page we will be doing some zig zags with a couple extra zags with robyn’s directions, oh well it was nice crossing the river a dozen times on multiple ferryies and bridges.

we did eventually get to a nice camp spot on the Murray river near swan reach, it was a free site right on the water front, with a quick ferry ride over to the Pub, no drinking water here so we filled up the water tanks in a town sedan just before arriving, the solar panels have been great, no need for the gennie so far the temperatures also been good with low 30’s a couple of day’s there.

Swan Reach camp site

Swan Reach camp site


As you can see in the pic above you cant get much closer than this to the river without being in it, we had a amazing sunrise’s and sunsets while being there some evenings the sky and cliffs just glowed red with the slow moving water really looked a site.


Sunrise on the banks of the River Murray Swan Reach.

Sunrise on the banks of the River Murray Swan Reach.




Swan Reach is a very small town feeling the hardships of a very low river due to drought for a couple of years and then floods when Queensland had all that rain last year, so the little town dependent on river boats, house boats and shack owners didnt see much trade off them for a few years, this resulted in the few shops they had having to close down πŸ™ but on a brighter note the boats are back and things are starting to look up.


Our Zodiac on the Murray.

Our Zodiac on the Murray.



We did get to do some fishing there but no luck bringing them in saw a few yellow belly but only the pellicans seemed to be able to catch them, when in the boat fishing on one of the bends i heard a loud noise Β from a distance and it got closer and closer so i grabbed my camera (took it with me to show all the fish i didnt catch) and around the bend came this old girl of the Murray, the Murray Princess what a beautiful Β river boat she is.


Murray Princess Swan Reach.

Murray Princess Swan Reach.



Its been a good week free camping and we do enjoy it more than caravan parks, Β jock gets to roam free and not many crowds, Β we did meet some eccentric people there one lady came up (a Swan Reach local) offering free massages and told us a remarkable story of her life a nurse of 40 years and now giving free massages to anyone that wants one, she claims to be the local doctor (not Licensed) and social therapist (not Licensed) but her heart was in the right place, i enjoyed her company, robyn didnt so much after she asked to sniff her armpit lol A lovely lady Clair.

This one is for Clair :-)

This one is for Clair πŸ™‚



This cliff face was directly across from our camp.


Swan Reach Cliffs

Swan Reach Cliffs

we are now on our way to the Β Yorke Peninsular for a few weeks of fishing and on the beach so until then.



  1. Yes I got us lost a few times, but it was my birthday and I was allowed too lol……
    As for Clair, she claimed that female aborigines smell of musk and white people smell of acid and to confirm this we had to sniff each others armpits, John wouldn’t sniff so I had to… thanks darling πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    Great meal at the pub for my birthday looking over the river, I had roast beef as usual! Then home to drink wine, now none left (even though i bought a cask last time)except for a special bottle given to us from workmates! Need a bottle shop πŸ˜‰

    • Im so sorry, but this is so funny im crying! hope you can find your way home again Robyn πŸ™‚ Make sure you get lost right outside the breweries and chocolate factories. It looks so lovely, hope you’re catching lots of fish!

      • Hi Rachel, yes now I look back it is funny, but I was a little scared when I had to sniff the armpit……..
        Don’t worry we went through the various wineries yesterday but John says that wasn’t the directions he gave me, oops lol πŸ˜‰

  2. Robyn planned the zig zag bit thought you might like to see the river more than once lol . Looks amazing so peaceful and how awesome seeing the Murray princess what memories you will have . That must be the new thing sniffing armpits lol ( poor Robyn ) loving the blogs enjoy and travel safe love the Cooney’s xxxx

    • Hi Amanda,
      That’s what I said, the river is lovely, why not revisit it a few times haha!
      Maybe armpits is the thing in south Australia and poor tassie is still trying to catch up as we are spots to be a bit backwards lol!

  3. Margaret Gordon

    Hi Robyn I knew those cupboards ‘full’ of wine wouldn’t last too long on the road! Enjoying your blog and Johns sensational photos and taking note of all the wonderful free camping spots you are discovering. Safe and happy travels. Margaret (Bruthen.. where it all started)

    • Hi Margaret and john,
      Yes the wine has gone, but discovering cask wine is not too bad πŸ˜› , even had to buy some more midori yesterday lol….
      Think if I remember correctly you guys were heading home, hope you got there safely!
      πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. mumandad

    hi guys, what a way to start the day. Or end it for that matter. amazing photos john, keep them coming.

    • Thanks Gill Swan Reach is an amazing place, quiet and peaceful with a beautiful setting on the Murray, we like being near the water edge and having a fish.

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