Robe (15th Nov)



Hi Again, we have spent 4 days in the town of Robe South Australia, this is a fishing port renown for its crayfish, we arrived with a bit of wind blowing but the sun was shinning and around the mid 20’s temperature so in all a good week to be walking the beaches and along the many cliff tops.

Its like a mini 12 Apostels around this town, a lot of new development with housing and good dog friendly beaches, there are quite a few nice restaurants in town and we had a slack attack from cooking and ate out every day lunch and dinna, mmmm! the seafood was too good to walk by so lots of fish and chips down on the marina, and the odd ale or 3 in the very old pubs, i believe the Caledonian has the oldest pub licence in Australia, but the best fish and chips was at Polly’s on the marina.

The Caladonian

The Caledonian









The below pic of the Obelisk it was erected on Cape Dombey in 1852 and was used to navigate the entrance to Guichen Bay, as well as to store rocket lifesaving equipment. The firing of rockets, carrying baskets to distressed ships to bring passengers ashore, saved many lives. It later assisted passing ships with navigation because its height of 12m makes it visible 20km out to sea.

Obelisk Taken at sunset

Obelisk Taken at sunset

Limestone coast

Limestone coast

We stayed at the Top Tourist park in Robe with our caravan right up against the lake.

Lakeside Caravan Park

Lakeside Caravan Park

Just out side of Robe

Just out side of Robe







Speaking of crayfish here’s one Robyn caught LOL


Robyn's catch of the day

Robyn’s catch of the day

This is one that Robyn took of me trying out some filters on the camera.



So that about wraps up Robe, a peaceful place to stay with great food and very dramatic coast line.



  1. Whoops the text and photo’s dont line up tried to fix but getting worse. :-;

  2. mum and dad

    save me a front leg Robyn. haha.

  3. Amanda cooney

    Absolutely beautiful photos once again I can imagine all your photos and information on the towns you will visit over your 12 months in a beautiful book done by the Congo’s even has a good ring to it xx And I reckon Robyn will go into the record book for the biggest cray caught . You are both looking very relaxed and well in the photos so enjoy luv to all luv the Cooney’s xxxxxx

    • Thanks Mandy,
      It took me ages to get that sucker in lol 🙂 🙂
      Glad you are enjoying the blog and will definitely get John to post some of that son of yours when we see him xxxxcc

  4. Thank you for the nice comments on our small piece of paradise Polly

    • We went to your shop a couple of times and your service and quality of food was great, also thought your son was well mannered and made us welcome with jock (our dog)thanks and definitely recommend your shop in Robe “POLLY’S”

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