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A nice drive from Wannon Falls camp spot to Mount Gambier show grounds where we met Jenny the caretaker who helped with a site for 3 days and gave us some great direction to the must see places in this hilly town, i was here about 30 years ago and it sure has grown in that time to a City that supports a population of over 32,00 it has been built on and around Volcano’s with the most talked about being the Blue lake.

Blue lake.

Blue lake.

there are few large sink holes in and around the City, most of them set up as beautiful gardens having some of the best volcanic soils to grow in.

Pan of one of the sink hole gardens

Pano of one of the sink hole gardens

Sink hole Garden

Sink hole Garden

From Daniels recommendations on facebook we took a drive out to Mount Schank, a dormant volcano just south of mount gambier it was a great walk up i think about a klm up, 2 klm’s around the rim and a klm back down, i was having a bit of vertigo in places walking around with very steep cliffs either side of the narrow track of the rim, the wind didnt help but what great views and a exciting walk being on top of one of the youngest formed volcano’s in the area.

Mount Schank

Mount Schank

Robyn and Jock Mt Schank

Robyn and Jock Mt Schank

Thats me Vetrtigo

Thats me Vertigo

We had a good time at Mount Gambier the people were friendly, met some more travellers from burnie tasmania who gave us some more useful tips and places to stay while heading west to Perth, seems everyone we meet are heading the opposite way to us, we are now in Robe and will post a few pic’s when we leave so until next time take care and keep smiling.

Mount Schank

Mount Schank


  1. We are really loving your blog guy’s starting our trip soon for 9 months and this blog is giving us some great idea’s were to go, thanks so much and keep them coming 🙂
    Carol & Dave

    • Welcome to the site Carol and Dave, you wont regret your trip as it has been the best thing we have done, more than happy to answer any questions you have if we can, best advice is to just do it 🙂 thanks for looking and posting.

      • thankyou john we love your photo’s and the stories are great we cant wait to get on the road like you guys and start getting our own stories to tell.

  2. mum and dad

    Hi there, have you got your parcel Robyn?? have a lovely birthday on monday. wish i waqs there.
    John check on the date of your blog. i looked at this twice thinking there was nothing since nov 4 and was beginning to worry……. mums do that you know… anyhoo glad to hear all is well and that the vertigo didnt get you.. haha. lov u both. xxx

    • Hi mum and dad,
      Oops that was me that made the date mistake… Haha as I’m the editor!
      Parcel hasn’t arrived yet, hope it comes tomorrow as we are of at lunchtime! Spoke to the post master and he said if it doesn’t arrive we can redirect it!:-) 🙂
      Love us xxxx

  3. Hi Robyn, John and Jock
    Love the volcano gardens, all the photos are great,
    enjoying the trip with you.
    love Linda x

  4. hi Linda, thanks for the encouragement, we are enjoying doing the blog 🙂

  5. Amanda cooney

    Once again you have blown me away with the history and photos of the city such a beautiful place and so glad you guys are having a wonderful time . Missing you all travel safe luv the Cooney’s xxxxxx

    • Hey Mandy you guys definitely have to visit mount gambier, all the attractions are free which I found unbelievable in today’s world!
      The place is definitely worth a holiday 😉 😛

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  7. Sue G

    Colin and I are in Mt Gambier at the moment. It has been so great to be able to follow your blog as it shows us what we can see in the area. We too have stopped at the Showgrounds campground which is so close to everything. It has been very windy. We are hoping to climb Mt Schank tomorrow so hope the wind abates. Your photos are amazing. My pics of the Sinkhole Garden pale in comparison to yours as I couldn’t capture the whole view in one pic. Do you use a special lens for those sorts of photos. I only have a canon PowerShot Sx260 camera and am thinking of buying a Canon DSLR ((mid range price as I am a beginner). What should I look for in a camera and what lenses would you suggest me to buy. Probably my main reason for upgrading is so I can do pano shots. Have you been to Haslam yet (north of Streaky Bay). We found that a good place to put the boat in and catch King George whiting along the weed line to the right of the jetty). Squid also off the jetty. I am already looking ahead on your blog for where we are heading. Hello to Robyn and Jock. Hope the new car is going well. Looking forward to your next blog and photos. Thanks.

  8. Hi Sue and Colin
    Thankyou for your post and im glad you like the photo’s, the photo’s i did in the sink hole was a full 360 degree pano i used a tripod and just over lapped the shots by 25% then use some stitching software on the comp, i use PTGui for that very easy and good results just make sure the camera in level on the tripod and click and spin i like Canon cameras and have a couple of dslr 600d and 5dmark 3 i think for a good start a somethink like the 600d is a good camera (harvey norman $550.00) its the lens that cost most, a good all round lens sharp and not too expensive is “Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens” (should get for $600.00)a great lens i used to have its wide and gives enough zoom that is a good setup for one body and one lens, hope that helps, OH if for Panos then a good tripod dont go cheap on this one i use Manfrotto, ($180.00) with this set up will last for years.
    we are heading that way next week so will pop in for a look and fish at Haslam, have fun on mount shank you will love it a great take care and safe travel’s
    John and Robyn. 🙂

  9. Sue G

    Thank you for the advice. It is great to have that first hand info to put me on the right track.

  10. No Probs Sue any time.

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